We have made two short stops on the Washington/Oregon Coast this week and it  has been so beautiful. First stop was at the Kalaloch Campground in the coastal area of Olympic National Park. The weather was grey and raining but still  It was a tight fit for our rig, but Phil wiggled us into our second spot.  The first reserved spot was nearly an impossible back-in and our slides found themselves in the forest.

The second stop in Nehalem Bay State Park Oregon was just as beautiful. The sites were also more narrow than we normally experience.  We just barely squeezed into our spot, but not without a scratch on the ram.   It is a beautiful beach and area, but the park is busy and full, even as it is getting late in the season.

We walked this beach too, and roamed the quaint town of Manzanita just 2 miles away from the campground.  We picked up a few supplies at the grocery store, then had lunch on the strip.  We dined on clam chowder and crab cakes, which was delicious.

We found kite flyers on the city beach and in the surf.  Some kites were being flown from the sandy side of the beach with help of others to keep from going airborne.  Others were in the surf and soaring above the waves!  I have not seen this before and it looks like so much fun. Although it is not for me,  I know several members of my family that would enjoy trying their dare-devilishness to do this sport.

We head inland to Eugene, Oregon tomorrow for additional solar panel and battery purchases.

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