A change of Plans

The heat has been horrid in Tulsa!  We watch the weather there just to keep up to date on the children’s living conditions.  It has also been hot in Washington, but not Tulsa hot.  However too hot for the firefighters to get control of the wildfires in the area.  The fires were getting closer to the larger cities and had already created havoc in some of the smaller resort towns.

We decided to change our plans to visit Keller Falls and the Northern Cascades and meander elsewhere.  Before we left, we took some play time to visit the beautiful area in the Coeur D’Alene area.  We took our new kayak to Hauser Lake for a tryout and enjoyed the afternoon.

We left Coeur D’Alene because the national parks and forest on our traveling list were still on fire and no sign of containment coming.  It has gotten worse and more roads were closed, more lives and homes have been lost.  The air was smoky and dusty from the winds.  Phil, PJ and I all were coughing, sneezing and had sticky eyes.  People with age or illness were advised to stay indoors.  It will take a long time for these old trees to regrow, but forest  fires are necessary for the ecosystem.  I will leave it to the experts to pick which fires are good and which fires are not.   Washington, Oregon, Montana and California are tender boxes right now.

We did a lot of needed upkeep while in Coeur D’Alene.  We had the truck serviced, the trailer brakes checked and the bearings repacked, washed and cleaned the rig inside and out, and restocked the cupboards.  We also had mail and Amazon purchases delivered while we were in one spot for a couple of weeks.  Phil installed an addition to the off-grid system, a blue flame heater for the cool mornings when we are not hooked to electrical power.  We each got groomed and that was nice to feel civilized and fresh.  PJ even pranced around for a few days, loving the admiration of others.

We saw the Minion movie and I liked it, not so sure Phil thought it worth the time or money.  He prefers action movies.

We left the morning after that and made it a long day of travel to our destination  because there really wasn’t any place to stop overnight.  We stopped along the way at fruit stands to purchase in season, just picked peaches, plums, prunes and berries.  I will have to eat a lot quickly as it is table ready.  I will likely have to do some juicing to use it.  Corn and cabbage also are being harvested.  With such a small freezer/refrigerator, I can’t buy too much, but we do enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies.  They are so fresh.

We stayed in an RV Park in Randle, Washington between Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helen.


Mount Adams has a fire.  We felt that even if we could get our large rig  into the park to camp, it was too hot and too risky under the current circumstances of fire dangers.    We are more cautious than most and don’t intentionally travel in active fire areas.  They say the fires will put themselves out once the weather changes to winter, which is not too far away.

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