A quick skip to Glacier

We were pleased to have the opportunity to travel with family from Minnesota, through North Dakota and into Montana. We landed in Glacier National Park. Phil and I spent our time on easy trails and short walks in the forest.

As a family, we spent our evenings around campfires and sharing meals.  It was a special and dear time for us.

We did use the shuttle bus to get around in Glacier National Park. We were only able to see part of the Going to the Sun road due to a wildfire on the East side. We found wonderful views and enjoyed learning from our traveling cohorts about the birds in the area. My niece and her daughter are very knowledgeable on the topic. They left us for Canada as we continue our drive westward.

We have been testing our limited solar system by parking in remote areas in our National Forests in the Northwest. We are learning how to do this without feeling deprived.  I will write about this subject once we experience a few more nights and days in the woods without hook-ups.

The forests have been beautiful, the views are nearly indescribable, but I like to share some of our photos.

The weather has cooperated with cool nights and most days are sunny and warm but not too hot.

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