A 4th of July to remember

This was our 4th of July home spot.  It is on the bluffs above the St. Croix River on the Minnesota side.  Camp Waub-O-Jeeg is a favorite week-end and seasonal spot for locals and full of regulars and seasonal residents.  They were friendly and all seemed to know each another.

A bit of history about the name of the camp*:

“Waub-O-Jeeg (White Fisher) born about 1747, was a Chippewa war leader at the age of 22.  He and his war parties battled against the Fox and the Sioux for years.   The Battle at St. Croix Falls was the fiercest of all and the final major conflict among the three tribes.  Although Waub-O-Jeeg and his men were outnumbered 2 to 1, warriors from all sides advanced and retreated, many dying  in the cracks and crevices of the  rocky bluffs along the St. Croix River. Others fell into the boiling waters below.  The slaughter was so great that the battleground was known as the Valley of the Bones for years.  The Final battle in 1770 at St. Croix Falls was devastating for all of the tribes, but was especially decisive against the Fox and Sioux.  This costly, bloody victory for Waub-O-Jeeg secured the territory, making it safe for white settlers.  Waub-o-Jeeg was injured along with many of his warriors.  He died about 1793.”

To get into this campground we had to climb the bluff into the campground on top.   After trying to get up the bluff from a stop, we decided to back up and take a run at it.   That was a haul even for our one-ton dully truck.   Once on top of the forest (or so it seemed), we had to wiggle into our site.  It took a bit of work but Phil got it done.

This is a woodsy, beautiful place over the river and it is packed with campers, much smaller campers.  Smarter RVers our size have the sense to make reservations far in advance of a holiday week-end.  However, once we were in our spot we did decide to stay until Monday.  We will leave after most of the other campers are gone on late Sunday.  That will give us some wiggle room to get out of our site and edge down the bluff road and avoid the heavy traffic on the end of a long holiday week-end.

There were fireworks on the river a short walk from the campground and a band playing in the park afterwards.  We were pleased that we had enough energy to dance a bit after the walk home uphill, in the dark, with a flashlight to get back into camp.  It was a fun evening, campfires, happy voices of children and squeals of delight over the fireworks show.  We were have just a hoot that we forgot to snap any photos.  However, we still have the memory.

After the fourth we met with a sweet niece who lives nearby for lunch.  She took us to the Ice Age Pot Holes at Interstate Park and joined us for a river cruise.  We returned home to our campground to share fresh Iowa cherry pie that I baked earlier while the weather was cool.

Our weather has been cooler and milder than we are used to, but so comfortable. Very little air conditioning needed here.  Minnesota is a beautiful state.

We are now on our way to Lake Superior, hoping to drive the North Shore scenic drive.

*paraphrased from the Waub-O-Jeeg Campground literature.

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