Wet and Wild Missouri

We left St. Louis wanting to see more and do more, but we were tired of the rain.  Due to the flooding of the rivers that meet in the area, we had to re-route our travel plans.  We found three good roads northward that were closed due to flooding waters and finally headed up toward Mark Twain State Park on an in-land highway.

We pulled into the park last Monday planning on using our two coupons for free parking from our hosting time at Roaring River and found ourselves being invited to volunteer here for a week.  They have a camp host coming in, but until then, they are shorthanded.  We were ahead of schedule so had a few days to offer and since the rivers are at or above their banks, why not?

This is about 30 miles east of Hannibal, Missouri which is on my must-see list.  However, Hannibal was installing flood gates at the River Walk area.  Wow, it has continued to rain off and on and more on than off.  Rivers are rising and so is the Mark Twain Lake.  The swimming area and boat docks are closed. One night we even had a Tornado Warning.

The Park Staff and veteran Camp Hosts, Bev and Joe have been gracious and helpful while we get our feet on the ground for a short assistance stay.   Under their tutelage, hopefully we will be able to carry our own weight and be of some help in a busy place.  They are expecting the new host to arrive July 1st, so we will be exiting then.

During this week, we have seen deer daily with their little fawns scampering through the campground unafraid of us humans.  They aren’t acting as pets, but they do seem undaunted by our presence.  One needs to be cautious when driving at night or something bad can happen to a deer and one’s vehicle.  That is not a “win-win situation.

Deer leaving our area

Deer leaving our area







We were here long enough to get our snail mail forwarded and a little on-line shopping delivered.  Not a bad gig at all.  We like it here and hope to return someday.

It is a remote woodsy area, a nice size lake and home to Mark Twain’s Birthplace home near Florida, Missouri.  The best fishing seemed to be at the small Tom Sawyer Lake near the park office and museum.  The home has been moved about ½ mile for its’ original location and then a museum built over it.  Artwork, furnishings, and some original books by Mark Twain, aka Samuel Langhorn Clemens.  It is a small museum, free and nicely done.  I enjoyed the time spent there and learned more about an outspoken, politically minded and fascinatingly wonderful storyteller.

While in the area I was able to visit Florida and Paris, but missed Mexico, Missouri.

I love traveling full-time!

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