Day Trip to Walton town-Bentonville, Arkansas

We accrued 2 days off after our Viney Creek gig and decided to seek some information on Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas.   Bentonville is a hub of Sam Walton admirers.

We visited the Chrystal Bridges American Art Museum and had lunch.  The restaurant is fantastic and then we toured the galleries.  The artwork was sophisticated and of various ages and mediums.  We both had to confess that we are not cultured enough to really understand much of it and appreciate each piece appropriately.   There are those that do as the galleries were crowded with art enthusiasts.

General admission to Crystal Bridges is sponsored by Walmart. There is no cost to view the Museum’s permanent collection, which is on view year-round.

From the Chrystal Bridges we went downtown to the Walmart Museum.  It is in the Walden’s store and still has a soda shop.  It tells the Sam Walton Story and his home grown and humble philosophy about life and people.   He remained humble even though he became extremely wealthy.

I liked the story of how he chose the name of this now mega-store.  He wanted to create something like his Walden Store, only smarter.  He simply sat at his desk with lettered cards and put the words together.  Now that makes sense to me where the name Walmart originated.  Simple and quick!

The Walden soda shop still is a thriving shop full of sweet treats.

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