We are not in Kansas anymore

A storm is brewing...

A storm is brewing…

  We may not be in Kansas anymore but we were  close enough to experience a Dorothy storm. We and our own Toto (PJ) spent some time in a basement being safe while the winds blew outside.

The park staff stayed on-site all evening and when the emergency alert came that a tornado was on the ground nearby, they were prompt to evacuate each RV and make sure that no one (even our furry friends) were left in harm’s way.

Us and Pj being safe at midnight till early AM

Us and Pj being safe at midnight till early AM

Thankfully, the tornado spun itself out and no damage or injuries occurred in our park.

As you can see we are in the midst of trees  with a rolling stream by our campsite. It was a wonderful week of bliss for me.  I love this area!   We fished a bit and enjoyed the beautiful Ozarks.

We love this area so much that we will be returning as volunteers.  Thanks to our friends, David and Teresa that clued us in that an unexpected opening was available for the month of May.  The timing was convenient for us and we have been curious if we would like to volunteer at a campground.  This gives us a chance to find out.  How wonderful to test this gig out in my favorite place!

These vintage and customized little trailers were just a few of the group that arrived being driven by outdoorsy women who came together to fish, hike, cook and enjoy the wilderness.  They are the Women’s Adventure Club called “Sisters on the Fly”.

This darling set of salt and peppers in the form of an Easter Egg was the seasonal decoration in the rig this year. They were created by a couple of young artists in our family.  They served us well with a cheery presence.

Easter in the rig

Easter in the rig

While at the river, there was a production company filming the activity for their traveling video business called Sentimental Productions.  I jumped at the chance to be interviewed about my favorite “Happy Place”.  I will let you know if any of my 15 seconds of fame makes the editor’s cut.

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