A little RV repair in Chanute, Kansas

Nu-Wa Repair

Nu-Wa Repair

The Nu-Wa Hitchhiker factory, now known as Kansas RV Service Center in Chanute, Kansas started working on our RV’s slide today.  The slide had been contrary for some time and we had several places and techs work on it, getting it to work for a while but not really finding the root of the problem.,

We decided to return to the factory and have them repair it, hopefully once and for all.  They pulled the slide out and tipped it up to replace the floor from the stairs (an area of about 2X6 feet).  They are well on their way to completing the task.  Quite the spectacle.

Nu-Was Repair 1

Nu-Was Repair 1

We are having several other additional things done including a new Hitchhiker graphic on the front of the rig, a molding at the bedroom door (I failed to lock it only once on a pre-trip walk-through) and a new seal around the inside of the slide, as well as a new gutter spout.  This should be a piece of cake with the slide already out of the way.  We are also picking up from the parts department a few items like replacement grommets for the stove top grill and LED replacement tail lights.

We are spending our first night in a motel in hmmm, how long?  It has been too long to remember the date or the reason we were in a motel.   With our rig in the shop with a repair that requires us to be out of it for a few days.  We found several little hotels and motels in the area and started the hunt.

Our needs now that we are full-time RV travelers are a bit different than when we would travel by auto and stay in B&Bs.

Nearly everything that we own is in the rig at our fingertips. Our daily meds are close by the coffee pot, robes and jammies are on hooks by the bed, toothbrushes upright in their chargers in the bathroom and all of our electronics are within an arm’s length.  We carry plenty of food, drinks and snacks, all within a few steps of the TV.  PJ is accustomed to his crate where he is safe from being stepped on or tripped over.

Now for us to be displaced for a few days was surprisingly disconcerting.  We had to make a list of what to take and where to stay.  Our needs grew with the listing:

  • The establishment must be ‘pet friendly’ (I found that friendliness comes at a price).
  • A refrigerator and microwave have become a necessity to our lifestyle of eating and snacking what and when we choose.
  • A ‘No Smoking’ room is a must and preferably a king bed (got one out of two on this).
  • Easy in and out to walk PJ.
  • Safe Parking for the truck as it sometimes serves an extra storage space.
  • Not too fancy, as we are more casual these days and like ourselves this way.
  • Affordable (we have been out of the motel/hotel circuit for a while $$ more)
  • MUST have a BATHTUB!  I am heading out to shop for bath salts and bubbles, immediately.
  • Hoping for strong, free Wi-Fi, as we need to catch up on various communications and updates for our electronics.  (We have been off-grid for a while.)

Once we had our list in order, it was time to try to find the temporary lodging space while our home is being fixed.  It should take only a couple days to complete.  However, it was a bit traumatic for us to move out, even for such a short time.  We loaded up our favorite goodies and sandwich makings into the cooler, then gathered medicine, toiletries, sleep clothes and a few days of day wear into satchels. We have a suitcase under the bed, but for such a short time this seemed sufficient.

We found pricing and reviews all over the place using the on-line famous saver’s searches.  So we did the old fashioned method of driving by and having a look-see, then calling the hotel or motel and asking for pricing, amenities and pet policy.  The prices were basically the same as if we had booked our room with on-line reservation service.

This is a small town and the folks here have some nice small town ways.  We were informed of places to eat and advice on which roads to take between the small towns in the area and a few places off the beaten path to see.  We were told to be sure and try Cardinal Drug’s fountain shop and we are glad that we did so!

Our room is adequate for our two days or so stay.  It is clean, comfortable, has a reasonable and affordable pet policy, free (fast enough for us) Wi-Fi, has a microwave and small fridge for our milk and cookies and sandwich makings, a queen bed and a bathtub. We think that we did alright, except that I tripped over PJ before we got his crate into the room. No harm to me, but he was a bit flustered for a while until we brought in his crate and he promptly retreated to it. Safe at last

Motels in Chanute

Motels in Chanute

I was surprised that I wasn’t really excited about staying somewhere other than our home on wheels.  When we started out, Phil had promised that if I ever got the urge for a bubble bath that we would stop at a motel in our travels and stay a day or two so that I could indulge.  I haven’t had the urge.

Our rig has suited our needs very well as we travel the countryside seeing wondrous sights, meeting

interesting people, learning about our country’s history and learning about ourselves.

I really haven’t missed my daily bath soaks of past.  We are just too busy to bother with anything more than a quick shower.  We are on the go!  We have learned that we don’t need lots of fancy surroundings or concierge services to have a good time.  We do however, still love a good eatery.   We feel more blessed everyday being able to live the life that we are living.

Chocolate Sodas are made by hand

Chocolate Sodas are made by hand

The rig is looking great now that the graphics are replaced and the slide repair is complete.  They did a great job!

We celebrated with ice cream treats at Cardinal  Drug Store’s Fountain options!

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