Tucumcari, New Mexico

A short drive on Old Route 66 was reminiscent of my childhood vacations. My Daddy loved to travel and Route 66 was his favorite road to take when we would visit my sister, Jo and her family in California. 

Tucumcari is just as I remembered it in some ways.  There are still motels, gas stations and cafes that have restored the architecture of the Southwest from the 50’s.  There are also plenty of abandoned spots that have not weather as well.  It is obvious that the local residents are doing their best to revive this special town and I hope that they succeed.  Tucumcari is a neat stop for anyone along this dusty drive in New Mexico.

We had a tasty breakfast on Sunday  morning at the Kix Cafe on the Route 66 strip.  The owners had restored the cafe and added the furnishings of the era.  It was a favorite of the locals, which is always a good sign of good food.  They had some quality t-shirts and other souvenirs  with the Route 66 logo and I found one classy shirt that I really liked.  Alas, it was not my size so I left it on the rack for someone else to wear someday.  I hope to find another one along our way as I still hum the old route 66 song as we drive this road. I do like going down memory lane!

We stayed two nights at the Elks Lodge 1172 parking in their RV Parking lot.  The Lodge members were so welcoming and friendly and we were invited back for the Saturday night dinner of grilled pork chops, roasted veggies, salad and a dessert.  It was a delicious and a bargain at $8 a plate.  We felt that we met friends as we walked in the door of Elks 1172 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Than you BPOE!

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