Benson, Arizona

We try not to miss too many of Arizona’s sunsets.  Here at Benson, they say that they are the home of dual sunsets. One in the west as usual, although rarely are Arizona’s sunsets usual and the other is the sun reflecting off the Dragoon Mountains in the east.  Both are breathtakingly picturesque.

One Saturday a group of quad fliers gather to test their skills in the sky at a nearby empty acreage. The wind was brisk this day and most of the fliers grounded their quads quickly. They spent more time chasing down the quads after the wind draft tossed them all around more than actually flying. It was still impressive.

Quad Flying

Quad Flying

The walks in the park bring many different surprises like the run runner scampering between the rigs and our Paula (dog solar lamp statuary) gets a lot of attention (people and pups alike wonder what she is up to).    Pj used to bring her his toys hoping that she would play catch with him.  Now he ignores her as if he were scorned in some way.

We are off to the Escapee Boot Camp in Tucson.  We are excited to learn all sorts of new skills to help us in our dream of full-time RV travel.  We will be staying the week for the Escapade Rally and again attending seminars on all sorts of topics like: new technology for mobile life, tools and equipment, RV upgrades, new rigs, and travel tips.  We will be busy from dawn to  dusk!

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