Leaving Biloxi, Heading to New Orleans, A date Night at Emeril’s

Gulf Coast National Sea Shore Sunset.  Jan 2015

Gulf Coast National Sea Shore Sunset. Jan 2015

We loved our time in Biloxi, Gulfport and Ocean Spring, Mississippi. There is so much to see and do that we didn’t get near enough done. We will have to return!

The natural settings and the wildlife refuges are so special to walk through and to listen to the sounds of the birds and to find the flora under the grasses and leaves.

One place where we hope to stay next time will be the Gulf Coast National Sea Shore Campground. It has swamp trails, a gator pond and private beaches.

Gulf Coast national Sea Shore Pelican Roost Jan 2015

Gulf Coast national Sea Shore Pelican Roost Jan 2015

However, our biggest draw is our family that lives there.  We had a blast with a group of great kiddos and their mom and dad.  We went bowling, trail treks, bird watching and just poked around the area in spite of rainy and cold weather and the flu virus that took a toll on many of us.

We are Family!

We are Family!

We headed off with wonderful memories toward Saint Bernard State Park just SE of New Orleans.  It was a quiet small park with great access to small towns in the area and close enough to New Orleans for a dinner out.  We were able to find a doctor to tend to Phil’s residue of the flu.

Emeril’s New Orleans Find Dining

We enjoyed our wonderful treat tonight.  As a Christmas gift we received a gift card to Emeril’s Restaurant in New Orleans.  It was a delicious fine dining experience.  This is his flagship restaurant.

We made our reservations a day ahead.  We drove into New Orleans through the French Quarter and into the Warehouse District where Emeril’s New Orleans is located.  They had complimentary valet parking provided at the front door.   Parking appeared to be a mangled mess everywhere and trying to fit our dully into a parallel parking spot built for tiny fiats would not have been fun., plus it was raining.  We appreciated the valet parking option.

The food was delightful, the staff gracious and attentive.  We were not far from the wide open kitchen and enjoyed watching the large group of chef’s creating each plate as if it alone were a masterpiece.  It was intense in there.   There were overseers in the kitchen and in the dining room making sure that each plate or table was tended to properly and promptly.  If a cocktail wasn’t just right, it did not make it to the table, each plate was reviewed and crumbs were tidied up after each course of the meal.  It reminded me of one of those stressful cooking shows. No one shouted or was rude, but it was evident that high standards were the rule.

None of that stress reached the diners or their meals.  Everything was superbly presented and delectably devoured.

We started with an appetizer of steamed oysters, and an entrée each; I chose a medley of gulf shrimp, clams and mussels with black pasta, Phil chose the barbecued salmon with potato crisps and onion rings.  We shared the famous Banana Cream pie, which is amazing.  We ate every bite and had to restrain ourselves from licking the plates.

After leaving the wonderful experience behind with full tummies, we decided to take another route home to our park than through the French Quarter.  It was getting crowded in spite of the rain. To our surprise we ended up on De Canal Ferry Road and I experienced my first ferry-boat ride across the Mississippi River in our own truck!  What a hoot for me.   One just doesn’t get to do that every day in Oklahoma!  We were just across the river and did not know it since our campsite is quite remote. We were home in no time.   What a nice evening out.  Thanks Kemit and Tammy!

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