Sonora Arizona Desert Museum

DSC_0277We were surprised at the beauty displayed in the natural setting of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.  We were most impressed with the humming-bird section.  There were so many different birds in a flurry of activity.

The docent guided tour gave us more of an insight to the many different species of plants and the numerous roles of various animals that live in the desert.  

We found it a beautiful and enjoyable place to be.   There are plenty of cool water stations and shaded areas,  but we would suggest that mornings are probably a better time to visit than the afternoon.

Below are just a few photos of things that caught our attention:

5 thoughts on “Sonora Arizona Desert Museum

  1. Is that the place in Tucson? I loved that museum! You’re in Tim’s neighborhood now. Also, there’s a Fresh Produce store in tuscon

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  2. Yes, we were there on my birthday trip to Tucson with Linda and Debra about 2-3 years ago in the spring. Saw Tim and family for short visit and time with Kacy and family Linda’s best friend I Riverside and a family favorite.


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