Joshua Tree National Park

Cholla Cactus

Cholla Cactus

Our day trip to Joshua Tree National Forrest was certainly worth the drive.  As we traveled through the park, the scenery and geology changed.  We  were in  the middle of three deserts; the Colorado desert and the Mojave desert and the Sonoran Desert.  A lovely and fascinating place to be!

We went from the Cholla Cactus  Garden, to the out-cropping of granite rock and into the Joshua Tree Forrest.

We ended our visit to the park at the Keys Point with a view of the San Andreas Fault in the valley.

We did check out the campgrounds to see if there was any way for us to park here.  There are a few sites long enough but when we looked we felt that those sites were not intended for rigs with slide-outs.  We still do not have the capability to dry camp yet.  We would have enjoyed the camp fire chats with the Rangers and the bright night sky.

We as a nation  are so blessed that places like Joshua Tree have been put aside as National Treasures to be enjoyed by all.


We had lunch under the tall granites, then walked the trails.  There were some climbers repelling down the side of the rocks, a bit scary  for me.






2 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park

  1. So glad you went there! Gene and I spent a few days there in November a while back. We stayed at a hotel in Desert Hot Springs, then another little place we read about in Sunset Magazine . Are you going to Death Valley? Don’t bother with the Salton sea, yuck.

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  2. I would love the ranger campfires too but I don’t think our motorhome would fit in a spot at Joshua Tree National park either. We are staying at the Palm Springs Thousand Trail and explore Joshua Tree during the day next year. Looks like a good day trip 🙂 Thanks for sharing


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