California Central Coast

We spent two weeks in Lompoc, California enjoying family from local and afar, gathering to celebrate the wedding of our great-niece Alicia and her husband Marcelo.   The bride and groom arrived from Argentina to a flood of relatives and friends.  The weather was lovely for us from Oklahoma although the locals kept mentioning a. ‘heat wave’.  There was food, music, dancing and more food.  What a wonderful time to greet and meet with family that used to gather this way often.  It had been a long time for some of us to connect again and treasured by all.

After leaving the celebrations, we headed to Pismo Beach for a little more sand and sea.  We located ourselves at the Elk’s Lodge in Oceano which is about a block from the Pismo Beach Sand Dunes.  We walked the beach daily, watched the four-wheeler transports and trailers negotiate the ruts on the way to the dunes.  It was interesting watching the large trucks and rigs deflate their tires so that they would be less apt to get stuck.  Some were more successful than others at not needing a tow out.

The Dodge Viper with Sheriff’s logo is really an official law enforcement vehicle.  We were told that it was confiscated from a past drug bust.  It is in pristine condition and draws lots of attention wherever it is parked.  It was amazing to see the number of cell phones and cameras popping out to snap a quick pic of it.

We stayed at the Elk’s Lodge RV Park and took day trips up and down the coast visiting beaches.  The ocean is fascinating for a mid-westerner like me.

We headed inland from Pismo and will settle near the 100 Giants soon!

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