Our Nights in Bullhead City

We’ve seen starry and moonlit nights in the deserts, mountains and valleys.  However, while in Bullhead City in Arizona on the banks of the Colorado River, we experienced both our RV style night lights and a view of the night  lights in Laughlin, Nevada.


We only stayed two nights in the area in the Bullhead City River Park, foregoing the Casino campgrounds.  We did cruise through a couple of casinos checking out the machines and found that we are not particularly good gamblers, we were accomplished low ball  losers!  We couldn’t figure out why we won or why we lost!  It was a learning experience, but not one that was that enjoyable for us.  I guess that we are just not gamblers.

The two cities seem to parallel one another along opposite river banks; one with casinos and the other with local food and service options.    Two days were enough for us as we couldn’t find much more to do if one is not gambling.



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