ABQ and the Sandia Mountains

Our 4 days in Albuquerque were full of treks, hikes and shopping strolls seeing the Petroglyph National Monument in Boca Negra Canyon, Old Town ABQ and the Sandia Peak Tram ride to the Sandia Mountains.  We also used this time to do some housekeeping and restocking of the pantry.

After hiking up the Mesa Point Trail in Boca Negra Canyon, we decided it time to do some shopping for hiking boots.  We found out quickly that our slick – Velcro tennis shoes were not going to serve us well on hilly and rocky hikes.  We headed to the Coronado Shopping Mall and found a wonderland of shops.  It is upscale with lots of parking and the finest of stores.  We found a North Face Outfitter store and were able to find a pair of water-resistant ankle hiking tennis boots for each of us with wool hiking socks as well.  I won’t even mention the price, but after a previous fall a few years ago which left me on a rolling walker for nine months, we want to protect our ankles while we trek upward to see the views from the top of the hills in our travels!

We also found a Best Buy and purchased a replacement camera for Phil.  Our last camera hit the dust at an RV Club Spring Campout with a fall by me or a drop during travel.  Another previous camera succumbed to my clumsiness as well 14 years ago when I tripped over a tripod holding it.  We have been using our cell phone cameras and although I think that they tell our story, Phil thinks that we can do a better job with actual photographic equipment.  Watch for pictures to come while we tour the scenic by-ways.

We took the time to schedule a central vacuum install in the rig at Camping World while in Albuquerque.  We stayed at the Good Sam’s RV Park called Enchanted Village and did some laundry getting ready for our next leg of our journey toward the Petrified Forrest and the Grand Canyon, zigging and zagging along the way.

Old Town was beautiful with artwork on the streets, museums nearby, and numerous shops and restaurants.   We had a traditional Mexican late lunch and browsed accordingly.   There were musicians in the square, artists on the streets and vendors inside and outside of shops.

From Old Town ABQ we headed to the Sandia Peak Tram ride.  It was on a bucket list of one of us.  I have to admit, I am proud of myself for going along, it was breath-taking.  We hiked one of the shorter trails and took peeks at the rim from time to time.  We are glad that we had our new hiking tennis shoes on for the walk in Old Town and the hike in the Sandia Mountains.

The Enchanted Village RV Park is a great stop along I-40.  It has free wi-fi, pool, laundry and shade with full drive through hook-ups and vintage rig rentals.  It also is a favorite of vintage RV travelers.  We saw more silver bullets here than anywhere so far.  The Review is a separate blog.

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