Austin, Texas and Round Rock

We have been in the Austin area longer than planned, but it is working out just fine.   We were fortunate enough to find  a nice spot at Blessing’s Community RV and Trailer Park in Round Rock, Texas.  It is conveniently only six miles from  where our family lives and we are close to shops and cafes.  We have enjoyed our stay.

 We have dined at several of Austin’s local eateries: Hopdoddy’s, Alamo Draft House-Cinema Village, and the Farmer’s Market where we tried home-made gelato. and local honey.  Phil  and I enjoyed a brunch with egg tacos at Round Rock Cafe in Old Town Round Rock where one can get mimosa’s and coffee!


We had our mail delivered from Escapees in Livingston, taken  Pj to a nearby groomer and spent good time with family.  It is such fun to see the family and be a part of everyday life. The grand-children grow up so fast. We enjoyed the card game UNO, a Merry-go-round and book cover wrapping for their school books.

We are still shaking out the RV (or it shaking us out) and getting use to it. It is more and more like home for us. We found that we have been comfortable in our home on wheels and have not felt confined or cramped.  We eat in or out much like we did in our former stick and brick home.  It is just that Austin has so many unique places to eat, we love it!

The RV Full-Timing learning curve is something that I thought we had under control since we have done a bit of traveling in an RV, and the fact that we both over-analyze everything. However, we are finding that we don’t know it all and probably never will.  We have done little damage to ourselves, the rig, or the budget, but it is a big world out here and a lot to learn. We are doing it and enjoying it. It is nothing that others can’t handle as well.  Don’t be afraid to try it if  RV-ing Full-time is a dream of your own.  We have been so pleased to meet many wonderful folks on the road willing to share their experiences with us.

The slide-out is being looked at for a third time by another certified tech. It still has a tendency to be crooked and not retract completely. We want that repaired before we hit the road to California. A radiator hose broke in the truck last week-end and we were glad to be here in Austin where we could get it into a Firestone shop  on a Saturday for repair and a radiator flush. It might not have been a great day if we had been in the middle of the desert.  We are grateful how it worked out.

Our hope is that the slide is a simple and quick fix and that we will be headed West by Wednesday.  We have learned that when plans get changed or delayed, it is often because a pleasant surprise is just around the corner waiting to bless us.  I think that we will like the serendipitous life!


2 thoughts on “Austin, Texas and Round Rock

  1. Bob and I are happy for you both and love reading about your adventures.
    We are interested in checking out the RV Parks you stayed in, as we hope to travel that way in the future. Happy Trails!


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