Nature Walk in the National Wildlife Reserve at The Great Salt Lake

Natural habitat full of God's creatures.

Natural habitat full of God’s creatures.

We walked the 1.25 mile nature path at the The Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge.  We saw the migratory birds, scat and tracks of White Tail Deer and fawns, raccoon, beavers, coyotes, and some tracks that weren’t familiar to us the city-slickers.

We heard the calls of the birds, their songs and the raccoon rattles letting us know that we were getting too close to them and their babies.
The wildflowers and fruit were  in  abundance.  This was one of the best nature trails that we have walked.

Artesian Well Water for Weary Travelers

Water for weary travellers

Water for weary travelers

While at the Great Salt Plains State Park we were pleased to learn from our camp host, of the Artesian Well nearby             that we could collect fresh water that taste as if it were from a mountain stream.  It is free! We managed to bring home     around 30 gallons.  WOW is it good tasting               Continue reading

The Great Salt Plains Crystal Fields

While at the GreaIMG_1077[1]t Salt Lake State Park, we ventured over the salt flats for a day outing.  It looks so bare, but upon closer views, it is populated by migratory birds and a much-needed respite for them as they migrate.

We were lucky enough to not need digging gear (shovels, water or buckets) for  our Crystal mining trek.  It had rained heavily the nights before our outing and we simply walked the flats looking at other digs and found enough crystals for our collection. Continue reading