Cedar Oaks RV Resort Park

Sunset view from our rig at Cedar Oaks

Sunset view from our rig at Cedar Oaks

Our previous camp-out in early April at Grove, Oklahoma, Cedar Oaks RV Resort gave us lovely sunsets, time with the Dean’s RV Camping Club and lots of good food at local restaurants.


We found a delightful young hair stylist to sharpen our image while visiting Grove.  The proximity of the RV Resort to the city of Grove was convenient for shopping, browsing the small shops downtown and eating out.

The Cedar Oaks staff were helpful last year as well, when we had an emergency run to the PetHospital with our PJ,  who injured himself with cockle-burrs in his paws.  The Animal Hospital

Kerns Rig at Cedar Oaksstaff were kind and so prompt in helping PJ, although it took a while to determine his problem.

It was great to connect with new members and to reconnect with some of our snow birds on their first camp-out since returning to the area.  We missed them over the winter!

We stayed later than the other members of the club to do laundry prior to heading south to Flint Ridge to meet up with our friends, Jessica and Fred.   While doing laundry, we met several full-timers that live in the park.  They gave us tips for the full-timing experience and as the conversation developed more, we learned that our rig was probably built by a member of their family who previously worked at  the manufacturing plant for our hitch hiker.  We are learning that the RV connections makes our world smaller and our friendly list of people we meet so much larger.

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